The Chairman’s Network Executive Branding Solution Powered by Qnary

Want to improve your online presence? The Chairman’s Network has partnered with executive online reputation growth company, Qnary. In this partnership The Chairman’s Network attendees will receive a complimentary online presence analysis and one-on-one review to go through your current online presence and the opportunity for you to further grow and strengthen it, build thought leadership and influence, and provide a strategic approach.

Qnary will also offer additional benefits that ONLY The Chairman’s Network members will have access to.


Get A Complimentary Analysis of Your Online Reputation

Qnary is a tech-enabled solution that optimizes an executive’s online presence, generates thought-leadership content for that executive, and grows followers and engagement with that executive’s content and profiles. The team would love to take you through an analysis of your online presence today and recommend ways to strengthen it going forward.

Includes recommendations to grow your professional brand

Custom Online Presence Analysis

Get a comprehensive analysis of your current online presence and the opportunity to grow it.
  • What social channels and content of yours is publicly available
  • Which social media channels matter to executives and how to best utilize LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social profiles for professional thought leadership
  • How to focus your messaging to best serve your key audiences
  • How executive thought leadership has a halo-effect on your company and how your organization benefits from your social activity, content, and influence
  • The importance of talent branding for an organization to stay relevant and drive employee recruitment and retention
  • A custom strategic approach to getting started and positioning you as a trusted authority in your industry
Learn from an executive social media expert and understand how Qnary's tools and technology can help

Set Up Your 1-on-1 Consultation

We will schedule a 1-on-1 consultation to take you through your analysis to elaborate on key points and recommendations and teach you how Qnary’s solution and technology can help manage and grow your presence.
Many executives struggle to balance building their social presence, personal brand, and share content. However, they know it’s critical to be deliberate about it in today’s world.
In order to stay relevant, top of mind, and control your reputation, social media and search engine footprints can no longer be ignored by executives and organizations that are committed to showcasing their talent and innovation in an authentic way.
Understanding the tools that can help and having a custom plan to get started is critical to your future as a social media thought-leader.